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The Connection Between Improvisation and Writing

improv and the writer workshop bethesda md

When most people think about improv, they see it as a theatre exercise or a comedy routine. Not as a way to get the juices flowing for the next novel or short story. However, there are two types of writers who sit down to write a novel. There are the planners, who think about every aspect of their novel before writing it down, and the pantsters, who fly by the seat of their pants and just let the story come to them.

No matter which camp you are in when you sit down to write, you could benefit from a little improv to keep your skills sharp. There’s a deep connection between your brain and the words you write, so making sure your brain can come up with as many ideas as possible can only benefit you.

One of the first things they teach you at an improv and the writer workshop bethesda md is to always keep the story going. It doesn’t matter how silly, ridiculous, or out there the scenario gets, the actor’s job is to always keep things going and the people interested. The same thing applies to writing. You’ve probably come up with a lot of silly ideas while brainstorming but tossed them aside because they were too silly.

Next time, stick with one and see where it takes you. Also, improv can really help you out if you want to overcome writer’s block. Just type in “random plot generator’ in google and see what you can find, and write whatever plot is generated. Sometimes it will force a different side of your brain to activate, and you’ll find a wealth of new ideas.

So take some improv tips to heart, and they will only make you a better writer in the long run.