Fun Things To Do In Dover

When you’ll be in Dover, plan an agenda filled with fun. Whether you’re visiting alone, with family or friends, or in a group, the endless ideas for fun will ensure you have a memorable time in town. It doesn’t matter what you like to do, your age, or who you’ve come with. Tons of awesome things to do in dover vt make your time well spent.


Dover has long been a popular recreational ski area. Whether you’re well experienced on the slopes or just ready to begin an adventure and learn the ropes, Dover has plenty to offer in the way of skiing. Don’t miss the exciting fun if you enjoy the snow and all the qualities that it brings your way.

Go Out to Eat

Dover has its share of fast food restaurants that we all know and visit and of course, a lot of the national chains, but there’s an abundance of local eateries that you cannot miss. That’s what all small towns are about and you’ll love the taste that you discover a tone of the Dover restaurants.


things to do in dover vt

Dover is a beautiful city, especially when the sun comes up and when it sets. Make sure the camera is readily available to snap as many pictures as possible while in Dover. There is an endless array of attractions, colorful flowers, and great beauty in store for you.

Enjoy it All

Dover is home to an awesome natural history museum, as well as an escape room. Either of these visits will put a smile on your face. There are also great parks to visit if kids accompany you on the trip. There is an endless list of things to see and do in Dover if you’re ready to experience the fun.

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