Scouting The Perfect Filming Location

When it comes to making a movie, everyone has a cell phone that can take video.  With the development of YouTube everyone has the ability to be an instant movie star.  However, with all of the advancements of these cool tools they really can’t do anything for you unless you have the perfect filming locations simi valley ca to help tell your story.

When picking a location it has to be a pivotal part or character in the story.  Just picking a random location and hoping that it will be good enough won’t be of value to you.  Here are a few tips that you can use to get that perfect shot.

First of all you need to have the atmosphere.  Atmosphere will be the driving force for your movie.  For example if you are telling a horror story or something with suspense you want a location that is dark, reflects light and shadow and light well.  If your scene is too dark people can’t see what is going on and if it is too bright your atmosphere or feeling will be gone.

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Outside influences is the next consideration.  Are you too close to a major city?  Is there a lot of ambient noise that will interfere with your story?  What about air traffic?  If you are filming a movie set in the old west and a modern day airplane flies overhead or can be heard in the background your movie is ruined.

Budget in probably the next most important part.  Once you have set the atmosphere and ensure that you will get a good quality video without outside influences you want to make sure that you can stay within budget.  If you have a long way to travel each day this will eat up your budget in costs.  If you have to pay a fee to rent the space or the land this needs to be considered as well.

Finally when it comes to getting the perfect location you need to look at logistics.  Will it be easy to setup your shot or will it take hours of careful planning and a little window opportunity.  There can be nothing more frustrating of only having one chance to get the perfect shot only to lose it because of a small overlooked detail.

So, when it comes to getting that perfect shot take as much time as you can to ensure what you get is what you can use.